The pupil

The pupil Beams fall outside the limits a semicircle arch, numbers from above are written , , and so to The arch of each sector is divided by ten more small divisions.

The scale where one division is equal to one degree turned out.

The lines connecting and and going from center to °, are carried out more thickly, than the others, they slightly convex that allows to impose figures more precisely.

The pupil puts a loose leaf figure on the cardboard lined circle so that the vertex of angle coincides with the center, and one of the parties comes to an end on zero.

We read figure over the termination of other party of a figure it and is corner size in degrees.

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The girl

The girl I knew one girl who early has lost mother, so oppressed by dryingup school education that she was not capable to study and understand stated subjects almost.

Lonely life without a drop of tenderness aggravated intellectual fatigue.

The father sent the daughter for some years to the village where the child lived the perfect savage, and then returned to the city and decided to learn houses, inviting different teachers.

The girl learned, crammed, but remained same tired and passive.

From time to time the father asked it Your mind cleared up And she every time answered I do not know that it means.

On strange combination of circumstances of my life the girl appeared entirely on my care.

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All difficulties

All difficulties Children read them at first silently, then aloud, then learn by heart and tell in a class.

After the above described preparation children start to understand the read.

All difficulties are overcome when reading difficult syntactic designs pupils own grammar.

To them it is interesting both sense of words, and features of a syntactic design.

In them the hidden force which will soon be shown with wonderful force is felt.

Here so we awaken love to reading.

Children want to read, read all the time endlessly.

We hastily prepare all new books, but they never suffice to inquisitive children.

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The fairy

The fairy It is simplest to make so assort both senses and a straight line, and figurative, and for the fairy tale take sense literal, direct The ant is insignificant, and mountains digs As you can see, the educational moment here is expressed so brightly, that and it would be desirable to start up to it.

Without effort not to pull out a small fish from a pond the Sea kneedeep.

The fairy tale which is necessary for ours to careless children who became more senior.

And other option for them – The fairy tale about the sea of offenses in which it is possible to drown easily, if not you will notice boats on which side it is written Forgiveness.

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Children who are moving

Children who are moving that complicates a task and turns descent into game.

Skilledchildren well own a situation are able to make a start strongly above, to ~ the maximum acceleration during descent, slide below very muchfar.

They equally can then or quickly rise, having picked up the under ~stilka and giving way to children rushing followin or can kartinno ~ below to fix the final moment of descent and to receive the fullpleasure from a rest condition.

Children who are moving down on the back, feel in safety to fall themthere is no place.

They enjoy corporal feelings of contact with poverkhno ~ ice, and speeds and even these try to point slidings oshchushche ~niya.

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